Why Language Learning Solutions?

  • Cambridge qualified language teachers and examiners from England, USA & Mexico.
  • Dynamic, multi-skilled classes to maximise student interaction and development.
  • Classes designed and adapted to learner needs.
  • Interactive technology for improved language awareness.
  • Reduced group sizes for maximum learning potential.
  • Proven age-based material to stimulate learner interest.
  • Regular parent feedback on student progression.
  • Indepth reports on language learning advancement.
  • Accessible payment plans.
  • Special deals for students from affiliated schools.
  • Free diagnostic/placement tests with accurate results.
  • Free consultations to help you on the right path.
  • Continued support for LLS learners.
  • Continuous training and development for all LLS staff.

Why not Learn With LLS and make English your second langauge!

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